Friday, February 20, 2004

6 mo pregnant!!!


... on getting older. Two things this week that made me think about this, most of the time I don't really give it much of a second thought, it just happens anyway, whether I think about it or not.

First thing that happened, was when we had one of Tara's friends over, and we were talking about this new baby and maybe even more babies. She thought about it for a bit, and then said 'Taking care of more than seven kids would be hard, maybe you better wait until these kids are grown up!' I smiled, and thought that it would be nice if fertility would stay around for that long, but I realize that it is pretty unlikely that I still will be able to have babies once our current kids are grown up. On the one hand I will be a bit sad about that, on the other hand, it will be nice in a way to move on to the next stage of my life. But for now I am not ready to give up fertility yet, I hope to have at least a few more babies after this one! So I better not get old too fast! LOL

Second thing was today, when Kate asked me 'Do you know what an old lady is? You are not an old lady yet, because an old lady is very, very old, and she walks with a stick.' Hmmm, I think that will most likely be pretty far off for me unless some accident or so happens. But it really did remind me of my grand grand mother, who was close to 100 years old, and still very active, and then fell and hurt her hip, so she couldn't walk as well anymore and had to use a walking stick. She was not happy about it and refused to go outside with it 'People will think that I am OLD!' I relished in the bond between generations, that my daughter and my grand grand mother both associated being old with using a stick, as if that's the only measurement of age.

Haven't done much more sewing, but plan to work on the baby wipes soon. Today was a baking day, baked 24 blue berry muffins, and 24 banana chocolate chip muffins. Going to bake a few loaves of bread too, and maybe some granola bars, to take to a baby shower tomorrow. It's another food shower, I really like the idea of those. I made tofu fried rice and mushroom kasha. Of course, I ended up buying a diaper cover for her too, couldn't resist :-)

Eating our way through the freezer, had a great tomato soup tonight, with home made bread of course. I want to 'get rid' of all the old stuff before this year's gardening season, and before I start making freezer meals for after the baby. We made an inventory last weekend, so it's a lot easier now that I actually KNOW what's in there :-)

Baby still is kicking, kicking, and kicking, often even before I get up in the morning. Makes me feel so much better about this pregnancy, especially at my 'advanced maternal age' LOL.

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