Sunday, March 07, 2004


Early for New England, but spring definitely is in the air! The snow is melting, the kids have been biking, I have been walking, life is good! I even can see part of my vegetable garden again! My hands are itching to start something in it, but I think it's a tad early still :-) I did pick up gardening stuff that I ordered today though, tons of seeds, and all kinds of other goodies, like hoops and drip irrigation system. Haven't seen any robins yet though, once I see those, I will know it really is spring!

I went swimming today, after a few weeks of not getting around to it. It was fun, although I thought I would never be able to make it my normal 40 lengths. Did it anyway! I felt really good afterwards, and celebrated by having a simple lunch outside at our health foody supermarket. All by myself, well I guess not totally by myself, but with my little passenger on board :-)

Yesterday, Tara and I spent some time making baby wipes. She was so happy to help me and so proud of what we did. Just simple wipes, baby blanket with doggies print on one side, terry cloth on the other, and a dense zig zag stitch around (I wish I had a serger, but I don't) We made eight of them, they look really cute. Looking forward to using them for this precious baby.

I made cashew macaroni for a friend last week, she just had a baby and this was my turn to make her a meal. Not only did I enjoy cooking for her, but I also got to hold her tiny newborn! So small, so light, so cute!!! Made me look forward even more to holding our own baby a few months from now.

Took the kids swimming today, they had fun, but Tara had a lot of ear pain when we came home. I first thought that she had gotten some water in her ear, but then she told me that it had been hurting for a few days already, so now I am wondering whether she has an ear infection. Hope she feels better tomorrow! We also went to the playground, for the very first time this year, just ignored the ice and snow that was still on the ground there :-)

Yesterday, a good friend called me to ask whether I wanted to go to an Irish music concert with her. Of course my reply was YES!!! and so we went, just the two of us. It was fun, very good musicians and the baby really enjoyed the music too. Oh, on the way back home it was snowing, so much for spring... At least it didn't stick and today was nice anyway.

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