Friday, March 12, 2004

Yet Another Prenatal

Had another prenatal today, everything is going well. I am getting 'fat' though, 160 lbs, which sounded like a lot to me till she looked up what I was with Erik at this time in pregnancy and it was 159 lbs. That's pretty close. I was spilling some sugar in my urine, but that was most likely the mango I had for lunch. Later I remember that I had trail mix too, with dried fruits and some chocolate chips, so that wouldn't have helped either.

The baby's heart beat via the fetoscope was very, very clear. Heart rate was 136 bpm. Baby's position was breech, but that's not something to worry about at this point, he is all over the place anyway. I measured 29.5 cm, which is close enough to the 30 weeks I am. Still amazed that I am the homestretch now, ¾ of the pregnancy is behind me already!

We talked more about the whole birthing issue, I have an appointment set up with the 'ob who wants a c-section' on April 12th. Will have to convince him of the error of his ways. I feel very relaxed about the whole 'high risk' birth now, or maybe I should say that I fully do not believe that this is a high risk birth, notwithstanding the myomectomy. Now I just need to convince the ob of the same... I need to get some full texts of journal articles, since pubmed charges a $30 per article fee if I want the full text. I need 3 articles, and I just am not willing to spend $90 on this, so trying to find an alternative way of getting them.

Spring is gone again, back to snow and blizzards. Actually, this morning it still felt and looked like spring, even heard my first cardinal for the year. This afternoon, we had a blizzard. Gotta love March in New England :-) Luckily there wasn't any real accumulation, but it was cold, cold, cold!

Not much exciting going on, I look at my house, think about what needs to be decluttered and then totally ignore it :-) I did buy a cute baby outfit at the thrift store this week though, I am really believing in the baby now. And a friend gave me some more cloth diapers, I just love looking at them and visualizing my new baby using them.

One really exciting thing though is that I finished my LLL leader applicant process, so I am an official leader now! Will lead my first meeting in April, not sure whether I am looking forward to it or dreading it, a bit of both I think :-)

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