Monday, March 22, 2004


OK, I jinxed our spring by posting about it. Since then it has snowed every single day, some days just a little, but also one day with half a foot of snow! My garden is gone again, covered in snow, and I haven't seen any robins yet either! Not that I can blame them for keeping far away from here! LOL

At least it motivated me to really clean and declutter our kitchen counters. It was about time. I did it when Sander was home, so he could do his part of the scrubbing and cleaning :-) I think he was happy to go back to work today, instead of helping me doing stuff like that. I also have started a bit on the book case in the computer room, but you can't even see that anything has happened to it, it needs a lot more work.

Today we baked one of the cakes from my new Cake Bible. Tim helped me and did all the decorating. He really enjoyed doing it, and all the kids loved having a cake for dessert. Apart from Jane, who preferred a bagel :-)

I have been doing tons of research on vaginal birth after myomectomy and I am convinced that the rupture risk is actually very low. It even seems that all the ruptures I have found in the literature after myomectomy, are late 2nd, early 3rd trimester, not during labor. And where the docs want to me to have continuous EFM (Electronic Fetal Monitoring) during labor, there has been no one who has proposed to commit me to the hospital from week 28 to week 34 to have EFM during this 'higher risk for rupture' period.

Of course, the thing is that there aren't big studies out there, and most of the people in the studies end up with a c-section, but I found a few hundred vaginal births after myomectomy anyway. Still working on getting the full text of the articles I need to know exactly how many there were in the studies.

There were 3 uterine ruptures in those births, but none during trial of labor, all in that 28-34 weeks time frame. So it's not like a planned c-sec would have prevented those ruptures. And it also seems that once I make it to labor, I will be fine. that the 'high risk' part is that time frame in pregnancy when the uterus is growing really fast.

When I started out this pregnancy, I thought for sure it would be better to go to the hospital 'just in case' which such a high rupture risk (my ob quoted 8 - 10 % back then). And also the fact that my scar is at the fundus, where there are more muscles / blood, so a rupture could be more problematic.
But after doing all this research I am starting to wonder. Do I really want to go to the hospital?

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