Sunday, January 25, 2004

Good Things are Happening

Just a quick post about all the good things that have been happening the last few days / week.

  • A good friend sent me a big box with maternity clothes and baby clothes. I will enjoy wearing the clothes and feeling the connection with her. And I looked at the baby clothes, and realized that this is for real! I am going to have a baby again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally thrilled!
  • My stove is fixed!!!!!! A friend's husband looked at it for me, and it took him about two minutes to fix it... So much for all my dreaming about a ceramic stovetop :-) But very happy that I don't have to spend money on a new stove. Trying to pay off the mortgage instead of spending, spending, spending.
  • Got an unexpected check ( > $700 ) from the anesthesiologist from last April's surgery. I had always wondered why my health insurance would cover the surgery, but not the anesthesia??? I guess they did cover the anesthesia after all, so the billing service refunded me the money that I paid them! Woohoo, more money towards our principal! :-)
  • Got a package yesterday from another good friend, filled with tons of cloth diapers!!! And a bunch of cute covers too. Looking forward to diapering my deer totem baby! I feel blessed to have so many good friends who have comforted me in my sadness about the miscarriages, and now are sharing in the joy over this pregnancy!
  • Baby is moving around a lot, I even could SEE my belly move today, for the first time during this pregnancy. Love it!
  • Working on research about vaginal birth after myomectomy, and results are very reassuring. It will take me a bit of time to put it all together in a format to share with my backup obs, and I also will make a web page out of it, to help people who face the same choice as I am facing right now.
  • Wrote and submitted a small article today. Hadn't been doing much submitting yet this month, but plan on doing some more over the next few days/weeks.
  • Won a bread race today!!!!!!!!! Oh, you don't know what a bread race is? :-) Well, I have two friends who like to bake bread too. We take turns picking a 'race bread' and a day. On the race day, we all bake the race bread, and the one who finishes first is the Grand Prize Winner! :-) Yes, I know that we are weird, but we all enjoy doing it, and today I even won! We made the Soft Wrap Bread from the King Arthur Flour website. It turned out very well, it was like a tortilla, but more puffy, more substantial.

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