Sunday, January 11, 2004

He Felt the Baby!!!!

Deer Necklace
Last night was a very restless night. Erik is still sick, had a fever again, and woke up every half hour or so, sitting up and babbling incoherently before falling asleep again. Or sometimes coughing, coughing till he almost threw up. Kate seems to be coming down with something too, and was moving around a lot, and somehow she always ended up with both her legs on top of me. I would wake up to move her to the side a bit, and ten minutes later she would be half on top of me again. And then the baby inside was kicking too! Which I loved of course, and at some point I told dh to try to feel it, since the kicks seemed pretty strong (he was awake already, he didn't get much sleep either :-). He put his hand on my belly, and got a kick within seconds!!!!!!!! How amazing!!! The baby didn't want to repeat it, but I didn't mind, at least dh had felt his first kick! I am so happy!

Another thing I was happy about, was when it finally turned light! The night was over! It had been so restless, that dawn was the marker of finally giving up on sleep and getting up LOL. So dh and I got up, ate a nice, leisurely breakfast (after calming down Erik who woke up without mommy or daddy in bed) and started the day.

I went swimming today, swam 48 laps, not bad for some one who still doesn't have a voice :-) After that, I went grocery shopping, and made pad thai when I came home. Didn't any other big cooking or baking today, spent a lot of time with Erik on me, looking through the Moosewood cookbooks, trying to figure out what I want to prepare this week.

I have been working on a web page for a friend. She was almost kicked out of the Cincinnati Children's Museum, when she dared to breastfeed her baby there. It's amazing that things like that still happen. I am trying to get as many people as possible to write or email the museum, asking them to change their policy on this.

The picture is the deer necklace that a good friend sent me. The new camera does a much better job in making a picture of it than the old one did. Still amazed and grateful that she was able to find such a perfect present.

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