Sunday, January 18, 2004

Santa with Strawberries

Erik's Birthday

My baby turned three years old!!!!!!!! How did that happen??? I feel that he can't be that old yet, but I guess he is. And this is the first time that I have a three year old and no new baby yet. But at least that will be fixed in May. Or June :-)

He had a great birthday. On his real birthday, we did a family celebration, lots of presents, he could choose his own dinner, and choose what kind of cake he wanted. We had pizza for dinner, and after thinking a long time he decided on a 'Santa cake with strawberries!' Hmmmm, of all the things I had expected him to pick, this was not on the list! No idea how he came up with it, but he was extremely determined about it. So I ended up constructing a Santa cake with strawberries... It didn't came out perfectly, but he didn't see all the imperfections that I saw. He saw the cake he was dreaming about, and was totally thrilled with it.

He helped putting on the candles. One of them ended up upside down... Oh well :-) He wanted a few more than just three, so it looked like he was turning 6yo instead :-) He was glowing with happiness when all the candles were on and we were all singing for him. He felt very special.

Today we had his birthday party. This was the first time he asked for a birthday party, he is growing up too fast! He invited a few friends from our homeschool group, and he even has three of them sleep over! Who has heard of a 3yo having a sleepover birthday party? It helps that all those friends are more my older kids ages I guess :-)

Blowing candles
I have been making a web page for a friend. She almost got kicked out of a children's museum because she dared to nurse her baby in there! Our society is so warped, people get offended by moms using their breasts the way they are designed for. I am trying to get as many people as possible write or email the museum to point out the errors of their way.

It has been frigging cold here, I am finished with winter already. Wind chills of down to -50 F are just too cold for me! At least it hasn't been snowing much. I should be decluttering, but somehow not in a decluttering mood. Three desks have been decluttered and that has been it for now. Oh well, I still have at least another 18 weeks to do all the decluttering I want to do :-)

Heartburn has started. But I don't care, too happy to be pregnant. And it isn't too bad yet, mostly at night when I am still sitting at the computer, not as much when I lay in bed. I feel the baby kick more now, mostly at night when I am sitting/laying quietly. Not as much during the day when I am running around doing stuff (especially today, getting ready for the birthday party :-) I love feeling this little one kick!

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