Friday, January 09, 2004


I had hoped that the sicknesses would be over for a while after our Pox Party and related illnesses. But I was wrong. Erik came down with some throat bug, high fever, and just feeling very sick. He is doing a bit better now, fever is gone, but he still is extremely grumpy, and kept falling asleep today, waking up crying and complaining.

Kate had some asthma issues, which do seem to be getting better now. Tara was throwing up yesterday morning, but seems to be over that too, but still, it kind of disturbed our night time sleep at 4am... Especially since Erik had woken up at least 10 times before that too.

But now I am coming down with something! I suspect it's the same bug that Erik had. I have lost my voice, have a very sore throat, am nauseous on and off, and thought I wasn't doing too badly with it. But today, I am just not feeling well anymore, so I guess that it's effecting me more than I thought. At least I don't have a fever. And it's a good excuse not to go outside in our -30 to -40 F windchill! LOL I have to admit that I skipped my morning walk this morning because it was just so frigging cold!!!

I still do have energy to bake though. Made blueberry muffins today, and chocolate chip cookies for snack. I ended up using the left over pizza from earlier this week for dinner, by that time Erik wanted to be on me all the time, so I couldn't get anything done. Glad I had some high quality pizzas in the freezer :-)

The reality of this baby is slowly starting to sink in. I might be holding her in May! Or in June, since I always go overdue :-) Very happy, but still a bit scared too. Not of the birth or the baby, but of something still going wrong before she is born. Will the worrying ever stop???

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