Friday, January 23, 2004

Birthing Issues

My midwife called today. She got the records from my surgery and sent them to the obs in the birthing center she uses as backup. They were my backups for my last four homebirths and I really liked them. One of them looked at my records and thought no big deal, I could give birth there. Then she talked to the other one and he said 'c-section' so now I am risked out for their birthing center. If I have to have a hospital birth, I really would like to go there instead of to our huge teaching hospital.

My current plan is to write them a letter and explain why they should accept me anyway. I haven't found any research showing a big risk of rupture. I just have met obs who quote rupture risk and say 'c-section', but it doesn't seem to be backed up by research. I actually met some one one line, who had a 'Strassman procedure', where they surgically correct a bicornuate uterus and none of her research showed a high rupture risk either. That procedure sure is a lot more extensive than my tiny scar would be.

My midwife's view is that a rupture can be catastrophic and she wants me to be in the hospital so that they can do a c-sec in case the baby's heart rate does weird things. I felt that I trusted her judgement and I was grudgingly going along with her reasoning. But I am wondering now.

She wasn't sure whether the ob was worried about an uterine rupture or about a placental abruption. I guess I should try to find that out.

Even before the midwife called me today, I had been wondering whether I really wanted to be in the hospital or not. I am still not sure. I was thinking that if I had to be in the hospital, the birthing center of my midwife's backup obs would be best. Now they don't even want me. Of course, they might re-consider after I write them a letter. Or I have even thought of just showing up there in labor, when they can't refuse me anymore.

I have been hoping to have a car birth instead of making it to the hospital. How silly is that? So maybe I should stay home anyway and take the risk of uterine rupture. The huge teaching hosptial is within 15 mins of our house, so that's pretty close. On the other hand, maybe I want the extra security that being in the hospital could give me? But I don't really want the EFM and the other procedures that would be part of a hospital birth.

OK, rambling now, I guess I have to sit, think, research, and decide. Not sure yet what would be the right decision. I might never know till after the birth. At least I get to think about birth this time, even all this stress sure beats miscarrying time after time.

On another note, I still have sick kids, nothing serious, but pretty annoying that it keeps hanging around. Will be nice to have all of them back to healthy again!

A few months ago, one burner of my stove stopped working. A few days ago another one broke, so now I only have the two small burners left. Guess I need to have some one come in and look at it, and hope I won't need a new stove. Although selecting a new stove would be fun :-)

Last night, the dryer stopped working... We replaced the dishwasher in December, I guess appliances failures come in threes? At least the inside air is extremely dry at the moment, so I guess I can just hang my stuff inside and have it dry pretty fast. I hope :-)

I used a new brownie recipe today, and managed to totally mess them up. Pretty amazing to do that to simple brownies LOL Guess I'll have to try those again :-)

The baby still is kicking though, and that's the important part!

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