Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yet Another Hike

We have hiked almost every day this week. We were blessed with like the best weather EVER for October. Did I mention it was raining in The Netherlands?


This hike goes up up up and up for a while but then at the top one gets a nice lake to relax.


Or to swim if you are a black dog.


It was a perfectly sized hike for a perfect day.


Did I mention how much we enjoy having my mom here? Very blessed that she was able to make this trip!

It always surprises me to see fire hydrants in the middle of the woods.
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Elaine said...

Your mom must be in great shape to hike so much. Does she do a lot of walking back home?

Nanny Ogg said...

Hi Elaine!

Yes, she is in super shape.
She swims every day and does lots of walking at home too. She also does some kind of aquafit class once a week and an exercise class.

She is great!