Friday, October 04, 2013

Fall is Here!


No idea what that big green squash is. It made awesome soup though! And the dog ended up eating all the seeds, yes, he feeds from the compost pile...


Potatoes and garlic harvest, yum!


This potato had an interesting pattern inside.


I love the gladioli, they are so colorful. And I actually had been organized enough to dig them up last fall and store them in the basement.


Fall colours are here! Keeping my fingers crossed they will last into next week since my mom will be visiting!


Many years ago I planted cranberries. They are doing well, but the variant I have is very bitter and I haven't been able to make cranberry sauce with them. Oh well, in the spring a bunch of cedar waxwings will come and eat them all, so they serve a good purpose anyway.


The cat considers this the best weather to snuggle up. Can't say I disagree with that opinion.

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