Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visiting Robert Frost and Bartlett Tower

Robert Frost spends all day writing poems in the woods of Dartmouth. Sylvia and oma visited him.


Close by Robert they found the Lone Pine. This used to be a symbol of student life at Dartmouth, until the Bartlett Tower was built. Sylvia counted the rings, and it was all very touching and endearing until we found out that that top part actually gets replaced every 10 or so years. So they just find a similar size tree and use that. Geez.


We said goodbye to the pine and entered the Bartlett Tower.


It usually is closed, but once a year they open it during the Homecoming weekend. We were thrilled we finally got to climb it! Sylvia counted 76 steps going up, 69 going down. Which both seem optimistic counts, since the official tally is 87.


However many there are, it didn't take us too long to get to the top and admire the inside.


Afterwards we went to the Green, where Sylvia stood right in the middle of last night's bonfire location. It was totally gone!


Only things left were those barricades, which will double as balance beams in a pinch.

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