Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Baker Library

Today Sylvia and Erik met their big sister and big brother, so my mom and I found ourselves in Hanover with 'nothing' to do. What better activity than going to the library?


Obligatory picture with library in the background.


The library opened one year before oma was born.


I have lived in the Upper Valley for more than 15 years, but I have never made it to the murals in the basement of the library. I actually once tried to go there with my friend but they were just being restored and the rooms were closed!

Today there were no excuses and we finally saw them. Well, after we got lost, because the library is not small. Serendipity made me find the one student with a brother who was studying in the Netherlands! Oh, and he knew where to find the murals.


They were painted by the Mexican artist José Clemente Orozco and they are stunning and amazing. I want to spend way more time with them, and drag all my kids there because we can't live close to this and not visit!

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