Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vietnam Memorial

One of our rest areas has a beautiful Vietnam Memorial. I always try to stop and meditate for a bit.


In addition to the memorial, it has 'green toilets' with the water recycled throughout a series of tanks and with the help of tropical plants and bacteria.


The nice thing about that is that there always is a piece of tropics in Vermont, even when there is snow and ice outdoors.


Here is the memorial itself. Very sobering to know how many soldiers gave their lives in that war :(

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Elaine said...

The purple flower is a passion vine. They grow wild in the part of Texas we're from.
(how weird-my "prove you're not a robot"security word below is Nam.)

Nanny Ogg said...

Ah cool Elaine. I had never seen the flower in the wild, I guess our climate might not be totally friendly to it :D

Wow, what a weird coincidence on the Nam word!