Thursday, October 17, 2013

I LOVE Doing Laundry

Oma now officially hate our cat. She was knitting, cat plays with her wool. Oma takes wool on her lap so cat can't play with it, cat gets it anyway. After making too many mistakes dealing with said cats she gives up, puts away her knitting and grabs a book. Lays it on the table in front of her. Cat lays right on top of it. Oma curses cat and puts book on lap. Cat sits on it.

Oma stops reading and just GLARES at cat for the next half hour.


While setting the table, cat gets on table. Dawn takes her off. Cat runs back and jumps on table. Oma takes her off, cat runs back and jumps on table. Repeat this about 20 times till we ponder whether it really would be bad luck to eat a black cat?
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