Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Festival (AKA Guess Who Fell into the River????!)

Today was the yearly strawberry festival at one or our local organic farms.
We did hayrides.
Visited the greenhouse
And had strawberry shortcake with organic cream. Heavenly!
One of the highlights was listening to our favorite story teller, Simon Brooks. My children love listening to his stories.
Where most of the kids and parents were sitting on benches and at picnic tables, my kids found an even better location from which to enjoy the stories...

I wondered whether there would be any strawberries left for picking after the hours of story telling, but that worry was totally unnecessary. We found quite some strawberries. The sun was shining brightly and we had fun meandering through the patch and filling our containers.
Erik quickly got tired of strawberry picking and decided to enjoy the river from this dock. I can't say I blame him, since the strawberry patch was right in a Very Sunny Spot. Funny how they always do that!
After a while his sisters joined him and they were having a great time.

Guess who fell into the water???!!!

Oh well, at least it was a hot day anyway.

"Never boring" I call it.
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