Friday, June 08, 2012

Joan's Beauty

Once upon a time, we were driving through Vermont with good friends, one of whom is a gardener too. Somehow the car decided to make a visit to a nice looking nursery. Amazing how the car just knew we were dying to stretch our legs and check out some plants.
I was overwhelmed by the number of choices, so many plants!, but I got some perennials for my new garden, and some marsh marigolds for the pond. While we were shopping both Sylvia and me fell in love with this fuchsia. It only took a moment of hesitation (wouldn't it look great on the porch??!) before I decided to buy it.
The sales woman was a very lovely person and her name was Joan, so Sylvia decided to name this fuchsia "Joan's Beauty". Every day when I see my porch with Joan's Beauty it makes me smile.

2018 follow up: Joan's Beauty sadly has not survived our New Hampshire winters but we did get a new fuchsia this year. So far it has been unnamed .

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