Friday, June 15, 2012

Lovely Day!

You will have to pretend that these pictures have anything to do with the subject, even if they don't.

The bad news is that my dear Nikon SLR seems to have shutter release issues in such a way that I think it is over...

The good news is that that means I can shop for a NEW camera, which will be nice. I used this Nikon many years almost continuously, so I feel I got my money's worth from it for sure.

Anyway, today was awesome. I attended some retirement event at Sylvia's school which included ice cream and socializing with other moms.

We went home, picked up some kids and went to the thrift store to find a variety of good buys. Including a cool new skirt, I have been wearing tons of skirts this summer, so always nice to have an extra one.
Sylvia found a nice doll, Erik got a bunch of books, Dawn acquired some new clothes, and Jane got a present for a friend. Very productive thrift store visit.
Another stop at home followed by our very first visit to storage place after we decided not to sell the house after all. Which means that the kids can get their stuff back into the house (yes, we really needed more clutter, thank you very much)

Getting into the storage facility was an interesting exercise in failing computer technology, and at the end she said 'FINE! I'll just let you in and you guys hope it works NEXT time!' That was after half an hour of many tries to get our key card to work.

They selected four boxes to take home, and were happy to see everything that was in there. Including My Neighbor Totoro, to the utter annoyance of Erik, who thinks Sylvia shouldn't watch it 24/7 since that interferes with HIS movie watching!
Time to make it over to a neighboring town where they have a balloon festival going on this weekend! We got ourselves ice cream, and then found a spot on a golf course to watch the hot air balloons taking off. We try to do this every year, it is one of our traditions. (Insert Fiddler on the Roof music)
Quick stop at Kmart to find a black wig (don't ask, it's not for me :p) Guess what? They don't have many wigs when it's not Halloween. As in zero, nada, nothing, no way wig!

The store attendant did send us to a local comics store though, where we did not find wigs, but we did find many other shiny things (inluding a bumper sticker saying 'Inconceivable!') so we were not unhappy anyway.
Time to pick up Jane from her 8th grade dance, and then we went home, where Dawn gave henna tattoos to the three younguns. Erik and Kate played a game of chess, even although I tried to get them into bed already.

It was such a lovely low-key day and I hope the other days of the weekend will be just as awesome. 
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