Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dairy Day

Did I mention that my camera is broken? Just checking...

Anyway, today we had a fun day which included 'dairy day' at our local food coop. This is a day that many vendors have booths with samples to try out their products. Tons of cheeses, many yogurts, a variety of ice cream (including Ben and Jerry's!) and strawberry short cake.
There was face painting, and my children's favorite story teller. He is here every year, and also sometimes performs on local farmer's markets.

I wish I had good pictures, but I only have the ones I made with my crappy phone camera.
Naturally there was the traditional hayride and much fun was had by all. We had to leave in time to get the girls to a party, otherwise we would have stayed much longer.
I wish I could say I did lots of gardening at home, but I have to admit that it was just WAY too hot and sunny for gardening and I escaped in the air conditioned car to run errands instead.

Found a nice love seat for the television room (After we got DVDs out of storage, I had found out that one chair and many children is not always ideal to watch television) and a new desk chair for the computer room (how do my kids ALWAYS manage to lose wheels from those chairs???)

Ran a bunch more errands and then went home where I enlisted the kids to get the love seat into the house. When we finally got it into the computer room, it somehow had only three legs, instead of the four ones I was SURE it had when we bought it. That was weird. The mystery was solved when Erik went back to the car and found the last leg, phew. My plan B was to use a brick instead of a leg, a method which successfully has been used before in our house. 

I am happy that I finally can buy furniture for the house without worrying about having to move soon, or how it would look in our staged rooms. Of course, the downside of not having the house on the market is that it is ... well... a mess seems a good description.

Only two more school days left and then it's finally VACATION!!!!! I can't wait!
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