Friday, August 27, 2010

Storyland Checkin

While I was making dinner my kids skyped me so I got to talk to them and see them and hear about all the fun stuff they had done. They were half glued to the CABLE television (a luxury we don't have at home) and half interested in seeing me and talking to me. Sounds like they had a blast so far.


Six years ago, we took the kids to Storyland. Cees was 12yo, Tim 11yo, and all the others were 7yo and under, including Sylvia who was a few months old infant. It was a great day, but also quite intense and crazy. At the end of that day, just when Storyland was closing, Kate decided that she desperately wanted to go into the 'Dutch Shoes Ride'. Since you know, us being Dutch, our happiness can only be reached by sitting in a 'flying klomp'. It was too late though and we had to leave without her being able to do that ride. She expressed her displeasure most of the long way home.


For the next two months, or maybe two years, she would ask me every day 'Can we go back to Storyland? Please? So that I can ride in the Dutch Shoes Ride?? Please???????'


Today she finally got to ride on the Dutch Shoes Ride and life is good. It only took six years for it to happen. Now she will be happy forever.


The hotel has a swimming pool, so not only did they get to go to Storyland, they also got to swim AND they got to watch cable. What a perfect day they are having!
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