Saturday, August 28, 2010

Porch: Painted!

Today I got my porch painted. To my utter surprise I found out that I can get much more done without the kids around! Fancy that!


Not only did I paint the porch but I also painted the dog.


And myself.

It feels good to have this out of the way, although I might add a second coat where the traffic is most intense. Another baby step closer to selling this house!


I didn't quite do all the other things on my list, but I did make chocolate turnovers which were a welcome snack during painting. Now I am ready for my kids to come home and hear all of today's Storyland stories.
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conansangel said...

Oh Karen, your house is so pretty! I wish I could buy it!

Flowtops said...

Second that! Such pretty houses in such pretty surroundings are very rare here in the Netherlands (as you undoubtedly know).