Friday, August 13, 2010

Ball Gown

Today at 3pm we found out that Jane needs a ball gown for tomorrow. OK, maybe it didn't really need to be a ball gown, but it wouldn't hurt either, it is after all going to be the world premiere of the productions they made at video camp this week.

We quickly made it over to the thrift store and looked through the dresses. It didn't take us long to find this lovely ball gown. She fit a number of dresses, but from the start it was very clear that this was going to be it.

We added some shoes and she got her world premiere outfit for a total of $7.75. Did I mention I love our local thrift stores?

I am looking forward to watching the productions tomorrow, especially the music one where they ended up in a police car...

Never boring here.
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Wendy said...

She just keeps getting more and more beautiful.

I'm really happy the last picture wasn't one of muddy dog footprints on the dress!

Donna said...

Very nice! I too love, love, love thrift store shopping. What a great bargain you found...

By the way, those white little straps hanging from her shoulders are for hanging the dress on a hanger and should be tucked in when wearing the dress.

Good luck with the production!

conansangel said...

Oh my gosh! There is almost no little girl there is there. Beautiful young woman is more like it. Hugs


Annelies said...

Wat een schoonheid!