Friday, August 27, 2010

A Day Off

I am still downloading pictures from my old computer. My plan was to do all that before I transfered them to my new computer but life interfered and I have the same result as after one of my moves when the movers had carefully wrapped and packed empty shampoo bottles and full trash cans. Some day I will organize my pictures I swear! For now you can earn bonus points if you correctly identify the kiddos in these pictures and give an estimate of their ages.


Today most of my kids are off to Storyland with my friend and I am actually getting things done. Even although I really wanted to just grab a good book and relax in my backyard, I pretended to be a responsible adult instead. Dawn and I made spinach feta pies and pesto garlic bread for lunch, yummy. I made a batch of fast puff pastry dough for chocolate turnovers tomorrow. I did two loads of laundry, including folding one (which is where my system usually breaks down and the clean laundry gets to live in baskets for way longer than I am willing to admit on line)


I swept and washed the porch in preparation for painting. I did a load of dishes (and made many new dishes dirty while cooking but conveniently ignoring that). I sanded part of the porch and put on a coat of primer on the bald spots. I started tea about six times and kept forgetting that I was making tea, so I would start it again and again (does that count as productivity?)


Tomorrow they will be gone still so my big project is painting the porch and I have a 56 pages list of small projects I am planning to do which might be just a tad optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

Sylvia (Age 3?)
Kate.. (Age 7 or 8?)

- Elli

NannyOgg said...

Elli, you ROCK!

Right on, it was 2007, so Sylvia was 3 and Kate was 8. Perfect!

*hands you 75 bonus points*