Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today, I was driving through Vermont, and once again realized that I feel so much more like a Vermonter than a New Hampshirer. And I don't know why.


Maybe it is because my first American home was in Vermont. Maybe it is the kind of people who seem to be attracted to Vermont. Maybe it is the mountains, which I love.


It is an interesting observation, that even after ten years in New Hampshire, I still feel strongly connected to Vermont. And comparing my property taxes to my Vermont friend's property taxes made me go 'Hmmmmmm....'

Even after today I heard yet again the joke 'Vermont has nine months of winter and three months of bad skiing.' Indeed it does! But I still love it.
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Breezy said...

hummmm... so far I still can't tell the difference between Vermont and New Hampshire...except taxt.

claire said...

As the old bumper sticker says "I LOVERMONT". I have a strong connection too despite living 1,000+ miles away in Florida. I went to college there and most of my family is from VT. I miss it dearly but look forward to a visit this summer!

NannyOgg said...

Hmmmm, Florida , eh. I think I would like to live there when there is A LOT of snow here ^^

And breezy, Vermont just is... better :D