Saturday, March 28, 2009

Robins and Leprechauns

Spring is here! Earlier this week, Dawn saw a robin in our backyard. I was jealous, because I hadn't seen one yet, but luckily I could rectify that in Concord.


On Thursaday, I found myself geocaching in Concord, doing a geocache with an Irish theme. I was feeling good about being outside, sunshine, melting snow, finding the leprechaun goodies in the cache. My happiness was increased greatly by seeing many robins on my way to the cache, and hearing them all around me.


Today, I was walking Giant with a friend and two cats, and lo and behold, I spotted my first neighborhood robin. It is spring!


Life is green and good and filled with robins and leprechauns.


Did I mention spring is here? I LOVE it!
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Keppy said...

I'm digging the purple and blue paint in that room behind Jane - that's Jane, right?? lol... sometimes I still get confused....... I'm getting ready to paint two of the kids' rooms this week, I hope!!!

Keppy said...

Do I dare correct myself and say its Tara and not Jane.... lol ohhhh the suspense.... hahahha

NannyOgg said...

LOL, your first guess was right.

Keep working at it ^^