Sunday, October 05, 2008


Today, we drove three hours to pick up Poet.

He is not our official puppy yet, he is joining our family for a few days till we get our official one on Friday. He is cute, super eager to please, and pretty well behaved for a 4 months old labrador.

Well, that was till we were trying to get him to go down for the night. He was whining and not happy, and then puked over his kennel, including a slug. Bleh!

A friend gave us tip to give him a worn shirt (we got a Dawn one and a Cees one) and to let him sleep with those, and that seemed to work pretty well. All is quiet now.

We are thrilled.


rachel said...

oh, so happy for you guys!

we love puppies. enjoy poet! and we'll look forward to meeting (via blog) the new puppy friday!

Lisa said...

Mmm, slugs. Better the kennel than a diaper.

Hermes said...

The cats don't look quite so keen going by their tails ...

NannyOgg said...

Thanks all.

Yeah, the cats are Not Amused.
Not at all ^^


Epijunky said...

YAY for you :)

Enjoy him while you have him, and I look forward to pics of the new pup when you get him or her!