Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Halloween Pictures

Yesterday we had our homeschool Halloween party.

Ninja, ballerina and bee. Amazing how much bigger Erik is than the two girls.

We took Giant so he could be exposed to many kids and grownups in costumes. He did quite well.

Kate was a 'vitch', a vampire in witches clothing.

There was tons of good food. See the cupcakes in the middle? Kate made 48 of them for the party.

There were a bunch of craft activities, although I have to admit that my kids mostly went for the sugar highs instead ^^


Keppy said...

yummy - send me some cupcakes!!!

Meritt said...

Reading your blog always makes me kick myself for not having the 5-7 kids that we always wanted and planned, but stopped at three.

You have the most awesome kids. :)

curtis03 Lewis said...

How stunning first Halloween bash!! Those photos are just terrific. I loved watching these pictures. At the local Venues in NYC a lot of Halloween events had been organized and I had attended the one that was kids’ friendly. My kiddos totally enjoyed it a lot.