Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today, Giant visited our homeschool art class at our local art gallery. We attempted to do some socializing at our green, but Giant was Not Impressed by the rain.

I went to city hall to ask if a dog license was required as he is not officially our dog. I was informed that because he is considered a service dog all fees for his license are waived but he will need his shots before they issue his license. In another few weeks he will be old enough for his Rabies vacination and then he will proudly wear his official dog tags.

Giant does not particularly want to walk around the block, he seems to prefer to stay Home. Especially when it's cold and rainy ^^


Rebecca said...

He looks so proud.

Meritt said...

He's a cutie. :)

So - I must have missed something somewhere (although I don't know when or how) - Why exactly is he considered a service dog?