Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Cody!

No, not our puppy yet, but a K-9 police dog.

He was one of the stars in our Homeschool Safety Day

He demonstrated how to apprehend a subject.

Cody also showed us how to sniff out drugs. It was interesting to hear about the police dog training and see similarities and difference with guide dog training.

At the end of the demonstration, all the kids got to pet Cody.

Quote of the day:
Sylvia, 'I think there is something like a police kitty.'
Me, a bit doubtful, 'Hmmm, I am not so sure about it.'
Sylvia, very decisively, no trace of doubt in her mind, 'Yes! I think there must be a police kitty, because kitties like to pounce and kitties can pounce on the bad people!'

Update on our own puppy situation: Poet went back to his trainer, and on Monday we'll get our very own black lab who is specially named after a football team. Any guesses on name?


Meritt said...

Finally! LOL. I've been waiting to hear when you were going to get your puppy!

I'm going to guess his name will be Patriot.

Meepy said...

Some of us aren't too pleased with the drug dog situation. just wanted to meep in with my two cents ^^

Jody said...

Cody is gorgeous.....but his trainer? Hubba hubba!

I am with Meritt....I vote Patriot.

Breezy said...

It is so so so beautiful there! Too bad that the winter is coming...