Monday, October 06, 2008

He is Just Too Darned Cute!

Poet is amazingly well behaved for such a young dog. Even Sylvia can get him to sit, although maybe it has to do with the reward he gets afterwards.

He is very eager to please.

He loves going out on walks. Between the kids, he gets many walks. Of course, it is not snowing yet ^^

And he is getting used to children, here is a good socializing moment.


Epijunky said...


Awww. Seriously.

Rebecca said...

You don't get this one?

NannyOgg said...

Nope, our "own" puppy will arrive on Friday, and we will exchange Poet for him/her.


Paul said...

oh , he's sooo cute Nanny ! i just love labs and lab mixes . my last dog was a 16 yr old lab-rott mix that the cayotes finally got . i need a new dog ! Wowser passed away in "01 . i have never been w/o a dog this long in my life :-( ! enjoy the unconditional love and companionship
they they provide (not to mention they can give the kids something to do and teach them responsibility too) --->Paula