Saturday, July 05, 2008

This Might or Might Not Have Happened in a Universe Near You

Teen Creature: 'Did you go shopping today?'
Maternal Creature: 'Yes, I did.'
Teen Creature: 'Did you get tortellini?'
Maternal Creature, falling back to the ways of mothers everywhere: 'No, I didn't. Was it on the list?', knowing full well that whether it was or not, the absence of tortellini is going to be blamed on her for sure. Also knowing full well that it was indeed not on the list, but trying to help said teen creature find solution for maternal creature not getting the correct groceries.

Teen Creature, exasperated 'No! But I was going to PUT it on! We ran out yesterday!' fully believing that the maternal creature should have read the teen's mind and anticipated teen's desperate need for tortellini. It is amazing how dense those maternal creatures can be!

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Epijunky said...


Sorry, it's not funny... well, it kind of is, but only because I'm sure I pulled that on my Mom more than once.

And I'm sure it's in my future.