Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Ocean

After the ceremony, we decided that we were so close to Maine, we really should visit there. None of us ever had been in Maine yet, do this was a fun first thing to do as new Americans.

We spent some time just enjoying the ocean, followed by finding a cache at a light house, and swimming in the ocean! It was frigging COLD. As in cold, cold, cold! I found out that one should not float in the ocean in such a way that the waves enter one's nostrils and mouth when they break on said person. Just saying.

Since the Portsmouth fireworks had been canceled, and we all really enjoy watching fireworks, we did some asking around about the closest town which would have fireworks. This means we drove a bit more North, and watched fireworks in Kennebunk, Maine, right at the beach and the ocean. Very special!

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Meritt said...

Thank you.

The ocean speaks to my heart in ways that take my breath away.

I loved seeing these.