Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love is...

Love is spending three days (not continuously, but on and off) filling out forms, so that one's sons can get their naturalization certificates. Did I mention how I hate filling out forms? Will be interesting to see how long it will take to get those processed. Since my naturalization went so fast, I am hoping this will go fast too. I mailed them today.

Love also is having a friend who is willing to delay her workout to help one with filling out said forms. Thank you, flyingfisher!

Happy Love Thursday!

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Debbie/lotsoftots said...

I just seen today that you posted a comment to have you been? I havent been in chats for so long now I think its been a few years. Hope everything is doing well with your family..I cant believe how big theya re all getting, seems like yesterday you had Sylvia.
We added one more since the last time I talked to you :O)
he yes another boy that makes 8 boys only 3 girls. he is 7 months now, that time flew by too
I'll be checking on your blog too..