Monday, July 14, 2008

Important Discovery of the Day

Names changed to protect the innocent.

Michael 'By the way, do you know drills work MUCH better when set to forwards? It took like 5 minutes to drill through the wood backwards!'
Me 'Oh, that is an important discovery'
Michael 'It only took 15 seconds once I changed the drill to forwards.'
Me, wondering about his sanity, but brought up to be nice to people 'Thanks for sharing!'
Michael 'Well, it was not exactly my fault! You know what they did???? They labeled the buttons R and L. I saw R and picked L because R = reverse. Later, I realized that they obviously meant Right handed, but really, what does that mean? which way do I look to determine it's right handed? downwards or upwards?'

With friends like that, who needs reality tv???

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