Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love is Red, White, and Blue!

Yes, I know you must be tired of those colours by now, especially since the Dutch flag was red, white, and blue too, so what is the big deal anyway?

I am just blown away by how much support I have gotten from my children and my friends during my naturalization saga. It was a way bigger event than I expected it to be because all of you who were there with me. Both in spirit and in person. I love it!

Kate made me a red, white, and blue necklace and bracelet and a flag. I took all three to the ceremony. I even waved Kate's flag in addition to the 'Made in China' one we got, when we were gently encouraged to all wave our flags. Tara's flag was a bit big to carry with me ^^

My first American Love Thursday! Happy Love Thursday to all of you!


Rebecca said...

I'm not tired of seeing red white and blue. I like to hear (read) how happy you are.

NannyOgg said...

Thank you, Rebecca ^^


veganbaby said...

Congrats again!!!!! So much fun!