Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weathering the Storm

We now have a few inches thick layer of ice / snow on our driveway. Will take me a few days to get it all off, unless we get nice and sunny days.

Oh well, I got quite a lot of go studying done today. And made it over to fitness center to bike a few miles. And worked out on our driveway. And ate durian!


Kipawa said...

Ahh, the king of fruits. What could be better on an iced-in weekend? I was in Bangkok once on business and was able to get it fresh - so much better than the frozen stuff we can get here.

I also indulged in mangosteen, rambutan, dragon fruit, lychee, longans, mangoes -oh man, it was a fruitarian's paradise.

Mangosteens in particular are sublime. Too bad they're not allowed to be imported to the U.S. and I have to resort to my black market contacts to get some.

NannyOgg said...

oh, I want it fresh! And I have never ever met mangosteen yet.

So much fruit to eat, so little time!

Thursday is another trip to Boston, maybe I'll at least get a frozen durian again. Last time I couldn't find any dragon fruit, maybe this time I will be more succesful.

And mangosteen will be impossible I guess, never seen that around. Why is it illegal to import them anyway?


Kipawa said...

Oh ho ho! It looks like the situation has changed!

They'll still probably be frozen for the trip over, but it's better than nothing. Time to start scouring the local Asian markets for the best source.

veganbaby said...

Glad that we missed the storm. Fred and I flew south for the New Year. We're in Texas.

BTW I tagged you on my blog