Sunday, February 10, 2008

Going to the Zoo

The girls very much enjoyed visiting the zoo in Emmen.

Indiana Janes.

Shaking hands with a seal.

Amazingly close to the cousin of our kittens.

The cutest baby elephant. Her name is Swe Zin (Fabulous). She is the fifth baby of Htoo Kin Aye. The father is the mighty Radza.

Never smile at a crocodile. This is what they look like when they are toddlers.

The zoo has a humongous butterfly garden. Tara 'Much much bigger than the one at the Museum of Science, you should have seen it!'

Jane barely escaped from the jaws of a hippopotamus.


Anonymous said...

I love the Zoo in Emmen - it is so much nicer than Blijdorp for example. Altough Burger Zoo in Arnhem and Artis in Amsterdam are nice in their own right as well.

Also, Kasteel de Haar rocks! We've done some medieval re-enactment there, lovely scenery!


t in hd said...

We loved the Burger Zoo in Arnhem! We'd like to go back up to the Netherlands just to see the zoo again. Oh, and the beautiful national park which was covered in purple heather the last time we were there. I didn't know there was such a nice zoo in Emmen, as well. Even more reason to pop back up there again... ;-)

Karen, are your kids also fluent in Dutch?