Monday, February 04, 2008

Naturalization Saga, Part V, Fingerprinting

Yes, I know I am behind, sometimes life interferes with blogging.

Last Wednesday, we drove down to Manchester to get the fingerprinting done. I had NO idea what to expect, was it going to be a five minutes thing or a five hours thing? Just I case, I brought a friend so we could go geocaching afterwards.

The fingerprinting went amazingly smooth. I think I was in and out in about 25 minutes. This included ten minutes of me emptying out my coat pockets to get myself through security. Next time I'll leave my coat in the car!

This means we had the rest of the day to go caching. And caching we did! We found FIFTEEN caches! Which sounds way more impressive than it is, since most of them were lame guard rail caches. At some point I was so totally annoyed at finding yet another micro in a guard rail. OTOH, it was a nice numbers boost and I now have broken the 300 caches barrier.

One step closer to being an American citizen!

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