Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Many years ago, I had lots of miscarriages. The last one of those miscarriages was pretty traumatic and more medically managed than any of my others. When I found out the baby had died, I was understandably very sad and down. I decided to plant an amaryllis as a bulb of hope.

The amaryllis grew and bloomed and gave me comfort in my grief. My grief is not as raw anymore, but I still feel very comforted by having an amaryllis around and watching it bloom.

Not to mention that it just is nice to have flowers around in the middle of winter.


Rebecca said...

Beautiful flower! I'm glad it gives you comfort.

CH said...
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CH said...

Time heals all wounds, but you will never forget the one you lost.

They are all your personal angles watching over you now.



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Shel said...

So pretty! I didn't know there were flowers that bloom in snow.