Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Family Night

Once a month, on Saturday night, we get together and play games as a family. There always should be lots of candy available, since that is what family is all about, right?

This time we had some Chinese candy (for a belated Chinese New Year celebration), Dutch candy the girls had brought home from the Netherlands, and American candy. We are willing to embrace many cultures in our candy choices ^^

We often let the little ones join big ones on a team, but Sylvia did not want ANYTHING to do with that. 'I do not want to be on a team, I can play by myself!!!!' She made it very clear that she didn't need no stinkin' team. Her best card was "Bit'ney 'Pears" for 'sexy'. I guess she was right and could play on her own just fine. She is one capable toddler. Pretty opiniated too :)

The kittens like social gatherings, and it didn't take long before they joined us.

Some people were very protective of their cards, although she spent every turn showing cards to people 'Do you think this card would work for scary???' 'Do you think this card will work for saintly?' Yes, in case you wondered, I don't think anyone had shuffled the green word cards, since we ended up with 98 % s-words.

At the end of the game, things usually end up with Sylvia bouncing all around the room and Erik being upside down somewhere.

Lots of fun!


Meritt said...

... and you obviously had another child go black haired. *grin*

Love family game night! Ours has come to a complete halt now that they are so incredibly busy. We now play games all afternoon on holidays. LOL.

Jody said...

Looks like a fun time had by all.

veganbaby said...

How fun! I can't wait to have family game night. What game is it that you played? Looks like a lot of fun if the kittens joined in.

Paula said...

Apples to apples is one of our favorite games!