Saturday, December 13, 2003

Waiting Impatiently!

Still no kicks, still waiting, still wondering, I wish this baby would make his presence known a bit more!!! I am 17.5 weeks now, so it should be soon. I just wish it had happened already, I am anxiously awaiting those first kicks! The waiting is nerve wracking.

Snow! Luckily there are lots of things to keep me busy while waiting. We got our first major snow storm last weekend, dumping almost two feet of snow on us, sigh. We have a pretty challenging driveway, and no snowblower, so we spent a lot of time snow shoveling. A few hours on Saturday, and then the whole morning on Sunday. Well, at least I didn't have to swim or walk to keep in shape :-)

On Tuesday I went swimming again early in the morning, the master's swim team, pretty intense, but a very good workout. I am glad I signed up for this. Now if only I wasn't the slowest in the whole team :-) Well, I guess at least there's a lot of room for improvement!! LOL

I had to take Erik in to the doctor this week, he had a weird rash. Turned out to be impetigo, so he is on oral antibiotics now. Blech! At least it does seeem to be clearing up. It looked enough like chicken pox, that the nurse freaked out when she saw us. I didn't think it was chickenpox, but she clearly was not convinced :-)

Friday was wall climbing day. Our homeschool group got permission to use a climbing wall in a local school. The four older kids all attempted to climb this wall. Cees was the only one who made it to the top, but they all did have fun. And it's good gross motor activity now that it's so cold outside. Although sledding stays fun, they just can't do it for too long before coming in frozen solid :-)

This weekend was chocolate class at the King Arthur Flour Baking Education. It was with Lora Brody, and she is an excellent teacher. She has a wicked sense of humor. We made tons of chocolatey goodies, I think I will have gained a lot of weight at my next prenatal :-) The chocolate playdough was the biggest hit with my kids. Although they enjoyed the chocolate pecan torte with espresso glaze too :-)

Now we are not looking forward to yet another snow storm, supposed to start tomorrow night. I am so ready for spring!!! But I guess that's another thing that I will have to wait for :-) And hopefully the first kicks at least will be here a long time before spring!

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