Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Gingerbread House

One of our yearly traditions is to assemble a gingerbread house a few days after Christmas. The kids do all the decorating, tons of fun! But the best part comes on New Year's Day, when they actually get to SMASH the gingerbread house. I hand them a hammer and let them go for it. This seems to be their favorite part of the whole project, I wonder why LOL

It's amazing how, every single year, I manage to put the house together totally wrong. Some people would learn, but somehow I don't LOL. I guess I should do it more often. I always end up yelling for Sander to help me keep something up before it all falls apart. And then eventually just taking it all apart and putting it together the right way after all. Muttering all kinds of choice words in the process. That's why I tend to do this part after the kids are in bed :-)

I didn't dare to breathe for the first hour or so after I assembled the house. Everytime I walked into the kitchen, I was sure I would be greeted by the ruins of my gingerbread house. But to my utter amazement, it stayed intact!

Had another King Arthur Flour class this week, named Razzle Dazzle New Year's Eve Desserts. It was fun! Now I even know how to make chocate pastries shaped like champagne corks :-) A very important skill, right? :-)

I am pretty sure I am feeling some kicks now, but still not totally confident. I mean, for all I know this can just be some very active gas, right? How could it be the baby after all those losses, it is almost unimaginable that this one could be working out. But maybe this one is!

I got 2 big bags full of nursing clothes from a friend today. Wow! Lots of Motherwear and other good brands. Looking forward to wearing them for this new baby. Even a few dresses, which made my girls happy, since I don't wear them very often. I guess they are looking forward to seeing me dress more 'girly' too LOL The best thing is that all of those clothes actually fit me! Amazing!

Yesterday I was very tired, spent part of the day in bed with a good book. But today, I actually had energy to do some things, baked bread, decluttered some, and took Kate to the opthomatologist. It was just a checkup. Everything was ok, so she doesn't have to come back till she is 6 years old.

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