Friday, December 19, 2003


And still waiting! Geez, I wish this baby would start kicking. NOW!!! Actually, yesterday would be even better! LOL It's amazing how anxious I am to feel the first movements of this little one. I don't think I have ever been this impatient with any of my others. I guess the miscarriages really did shake my basic body confidence, and I have a hard time believing that this one actually could work out. My belly is growing though, as is my uterus, so that should be a good sign. But I can't get the dream of the first prenatal without heartbeat out of my head.

At least the weather has been 'cooperating' by keeping me plenty busy shoveling snow. And more snow. And whacking ice. And shoveling even more snow. We must have gotten more than three feet already and it is not even winter yet!!!! At least the kids are enjoying it. They are spending lots of time sledding. We got a big sled that fits four of them together, and they have gotten so much use out of it already!

I have an amaryllis and a bunch of paper white narcissus blooming in my window sill. It helps with the winter gloom, but I have to admit that I rather would be gardening outside than inside! LOL This is the time of the year that I always think we should move down south, but then during the summer I am so glad we didn't! :-) And I hate moving anyway, after the Moving Year From Hell a while ago, so I better get used to New England winters :-)

I am still waiting for that second trimester energy surge. My house sure does need it. But it hasn't happened yet, although I do think that I am a tad less exhausted than I was before. But not enough yet to actually get things done! I did send out a lot of Christmas cards though, which I hadn't been doing for years, so I feel pretty good about that!

The swimming hasn't happened this week, on Tuesday I plainly overslept. The training is such an awful early time in the morning! I woke up five minutes after it started, so decided to just go back to sleep LOL That was after spending most of Monday snow shoveling though, so I wasn't worried about not getting exercise :-) I think my body just needed the rest after all the shoveling. On Thursday we had an ice layer covered with a few inches snow on our driveway, and somehow I didn't want to deal with that early in the morning. So had to miss that one too :( Oh well, there's always next week :-)

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