Wednesday, December 31, 2003

My First Decluttering!

Well, it took me till I hit 20 weeks, but I finally started to do some decluttering this pregnancy! I wanted to start with a small project, since I still don't have my usual energy. So yesterday, I decided to tackle my computer desk. I spend quite some time every day on that desk, so it made sense to make it a nice place to be. Instead of a 'covered in papers and stuff' place :-) I spent a few hours on it, and it looks tons better now.

I know it's not much, but I am very happy about it. I found some software that had been lost for ages. Addresses and phone nrs to be added to my address list, which I did!!!! And then threw out the scraps of paper with the addresses. Instructions on how to register for the Dutch voting registry, which I did not just put somewhere else. Instead, I wrote the letter, and then threw away the instructions!!!!

And today, I did another desk, but there was much less stuff to organize on it. Most of it was papers which could be thrown away, so that was easy. It's the desk next to my computer desk, so that it looks like the neatness is spreading. Some day I am going to be organized! But for now, I am just going to enjoy one tiny decluttered spot in my house! LOL

I have been thinking back to last year New Year's Eve. I had just found out that my baby had died, and that a miscarriage would be inevitable. I hadn't started miscarrying yet, but was very much dealing with the emotional part of the loss. I remember that I bought a bottle of champagne, since now I didn't have to be careful for the baby anymore. It was my way of dealing with the loss and the anger and the sadness. If I couldn't have the baby, at least I could have some booze! I usually drink wine about once every one or two years, so I didn't need much champagne to make me feel all warm and glowing. But at the same time there was this huge hole in me, where my baby should have been.

And here I am, one year later, pregnant yet again, hopefully with a keeper this time. But I still miss my lost babies, mourning them, even while being happy with the new baby growing inside of me. What a mixture of emotions! If only one of them had lived, this current baby would not be here. Hard to imagine.

It's New Year's Eve, and I made a ton of oliebollen, and pineapple fritters. The oliebollen are a traditional Dutch New Year's Eve treat. It is a kind of deep fried raisin bread dough. Very yummy! Making them reminds me of my father. He always used to make buckets full of them, and everybody who visited us had to eat some and to take some home. We would have oliebollen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for days and days after New Year. He passed away last year, but his memory lives in the oliebollen that I made today, and the stories I told my kids about him.

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