Saturday, December 27, 2003


Well, this sure was a memorable Solstice and Christmas. All three girls had chicken pox, and Tara spent half a day throwing up on top of that. Jane only threw up a few times that day. But she developed cellulitis on her leg. And Kate seemed to be recovering, but yesterday she was back to being totally miserable. She worsened enough that I took her into the dr, who diagnosed an ear infection on top of the chicken pox.... She never has ear infections, so I guess her immune system must be having a hard time keeping up with all the sickness. She keeps crying, wants to be held, and then screams because when you hold her, her pox hurt :-( :-( Poor little one!

Now the antibiotics is giving her stomach aches and diarrhea, so that doesn't help either. And Erik's intestines must still be messed up too, he was on antibiotics for the impetigo a few weeks ago. About an hour ago, he pooped all over the bath room floor, and then came over to the kitchen to tell me about it, spreading the poop all over the hallway too...

But the good news is that I got a new digital camera for Christmas!!! Love love love it!!! It's a 4.0 megapixel, with a nice zoom lens. Quite an improvement on the 'old' 1.2 megapixel I have been using up till now. Have been playing around with it, but not found all the features yet. And I have noticed that when I sit down to take pictures of birds in my back yard, they all decided that on second thought they didn't really want to be here... So I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the window, staring at nothing. When I get up and do something, they will be back of course LOL. Made a nice picture of a red squirrel though, using my zoom lens, you can almost see her individual hairs in her tail in the full size picture.

I got some nice books too, including one on investing. Now I want to stop paying off my mortgage, and use the money to buy stock instead. Ok, ok, I can dream right? I think I'll pay off the mortgage first anyway :-) We just did a refinance and will pay a lot less interest now, so I can pay off even more of the principal each month. We should be totally mortgage free about four to five years! So for now I'll just dream about investing and practice on paper. But by then, I will have money to spare to actually do it!!

Another good present was the chocolate!!! High quality chocolate, which is my down fall LOL. At least at this point I can blame the pregnancy for gaining weight :-) Talking about the pregnancy, I have been feeling some things that could be kicks. But I have convinced myself that it can't be true, somehow I am still too unbelieving to be able to accept this as real kicks. I keep telling myself that I must be imagining things, and the dream where I had my prenatal without a heartbeat keeps coming back to me. Feeling kicks is just too good to be true. On the other hand, my uterus sure is growing, but even that hasn't convinced me yet. So I will still welcome any kicking vibes any one has to spare!!!

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