Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tales from The Living Room

Giant, in happy anticipation 'Hmmmm, I wonder who is under that chair?'


Giant excitedly 'It is my favorite cat brother! My very favorite brother EVER! I want to love him! I want to play with him! He is the BEST! Play! Play! Play!'


Tiger, in a very annoyed tone of voice 'I HATE that stupid dog! Make him go away! He STINKS! He is DISGUSTING! Get rid of him already! He has bad breath! He is UGLY! His mom dresses him funny! I HATE him!'


A few minutes later while Giant is bouncing around the room in excitement and happiness, Tiger, carefully peeking from underneath, making sure he should not be visible to that darned dog 'Is he gone?'


He wasn't gone ^^
Tiger annoyed 'Argh!'
Giant panting 'I LOVE you, I want to play with you! You are my favorite cat EVER. Don't hide! We'll have fun! Let's play play play! What about now? And now? Play! Play! I LOVE you so much!'
Tiger grumbling 'Argh!'

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veganbaby said...

That is indeed of a need for a lolz cat tag.