Wednesday, September 02, 2009

School, YIKES

First day of school. This is ... different. Exciting, scary, interesting. For the kids too


I am happy six made it to school today, since Sylvia's kindergarten doesn't start till a week later. She will have her teacher visit her first. Does that mean I have to clean up the house? Wait, I have to do that anyway to sell it.


I felt that this year public school would fit us better, even if I am sad about not homeschooling. I have been a homeschooling parent for so long.


On the other hand, having time every day to finish a thought beyond the first two milliseconds will be nice. This week is only three days of school. Next week is four days of school, and we won't have to deal with a full week of school till the week after.


Interesting times.
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marta said...

Hi there!
Interesting that three of the mombloggers I follow are sending their homeschooled kids to public school for the first time this year (you, Chris at Notes from the Trenches and Steph from Reading While Knitting). And another mom blogger (Beck from Frog and Toad are still friends) is homeschooling her kids for the first time.

Round here it will the second year (and last, at least in this school) of having the 3 kids in the same school. It'll happen again in 8 or 9 years time, when they'll all be in high school. If I don't choose to homeschool, that is ;

Good luck with all your new homework!!!

Marta from Lisbon