Monday, September 07, 2009

Liberating Plum Trees

A few years ago, I planted some plum trees. Four different varieties and they gave me quite a lot of plums last year, not so many this year. Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that the weeds had been attacking and taking over the yard and I had not been in weed fighting mood. If you ignore them, they will go away all by themselves, right? Well, they didn't!


Yesterday I decided that finding those plum trees and showcasing them would most likely increase the curb appeal of this house. People seem to enjoy seeing trees a lot more than they enjoy seeing weeds. Funny at that. And will want to pay lots more money for a yard with plum trees, right?


Erik and I started the tedious process of liberating the darned trees. Erik even found a few plums which I happily ate, since Erik thought they were not looking perfect. Whatever, they tasted REALLY good fresh from the tree! While we were in the process of liberating them, a weird creature came to watch us. See the scary eyes???? I might not share this particular picture with the new owners, or should we disclose the 'weird creatures in yard' problem to them?


Anyway, no perfection yet, but yet another baby step close to listing this darned house. If I can't get the house looking just right, at least there will be apple and plum trees in the yard to convince people they should buy it! I have to admit that I am having fun doing all the outdoors work on nice days like today.

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Maddy said...

It would certainly convince me! That said, when we first moved into this house the realtor told us that most people did up their houses just before selling and then didn't reap the benefit of the fixed pipes, fresh paint and removed dings.

I swore that I would keep everything up to scratch so that we rather than the next buyers could enjoy the perfect house.

I think I managed perfection for approximately 6 days.