Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

The whole morning I got many variations of 'Is it noon yet? Can we go yet?' about Sylvia's first day of kindergarten. Her kindergarten is only half a day, so I drop her off and she takes the school bus on the way home.


She was very excited about finally starting school. I think she felt slightly left out that everyone else had been going, but she hadn't.


Running to the van for new adventures.


When we got to the kindergarten class, she got quieter and quieter and attached herself to me. 'I just want you mama!' Luckily she was not the only one who was a bit clingy. When it was time to part, she was clearly a bit anxious but was holding herself together. Barely so, but she did it.


She came home and I asked 'How was your first day of kindergarten?'
She very annoyedly told me 'You are the FIFTH person to ask me that!' and refused to tell any stories. During dinner she did tell that they had a fire drill and she missed recess! That was clearly the big annoyance of the day.

I am just hoping that the lack of any other negative stories means she had a good first day. Can I admit that I came out of the school, stretched my arms up to the sky and mouthed 'Freedom!' while all the other moms and dads around me were tearing up about their babies starting kindergarten. We had a sisters lunch to celebrate Sylvia's first school day and my first day of three hours all to myself!
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Annelies said...

Nee, bij Juul had ik het zelfs ff moeilijk: mijn jongste guppie ook niet meer thuis. Ondertussen z it ze al in groep 4 en ben ik er wel aan gewend ;-)

Jody said...

o so cute! Happy first day of Kinder!!!!

That dress is adorable. Did you make it?