Monday, December 29, 2008

Rotate As Needed

One of our family presents was a new globe. The kids unwrapped it, got it out of the package, and a 'instruction manual' fell out. The kids ignored the manual, but I couldn't resist reading to see what kind of instructions would be needed for a globe. When Cees asked me what I was reading, I said 'I am learning how to use a globe.' He looked at me in a pitiful way and commented dryly 'Rotate as needed?'


Annalise said...

LOL. How about "do not attempt to operate while under the influence of drugs or alcohol"?

Keppy said...

Ohhh you are going to Trader Joe's tomorrow, huh?? I <3 TJs!!! Shop for me! :-)

Meritt said...


You have kids that are intelligent and quick witted! I love reading all their comments. ;)

So - what in the heck did the instructions say? LOL.